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Who Am I?

A detail-oriented data analyst/scientist with experiences in research and data visualization, proficient in Python, R, SQL, Looker, and Tableau. A motivated team player with the ability to systematically approach real-world challenges and provide data-driven business insights.

  • Name: Daniel Choy
  • Address: Weehawken NJ USA
  • Email: danieljinchoy@gmail.com
  • Phone: +1-507-301-1301


Graduated in 2018

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Political Economy

Carleton College, Northfield, MN

"Evaluating Rio Olympics' Legacy of Urban Regeneration"
Conducted text and sentiment analysis on TripAdvisor reviews

Relevent Coursework
Lineaer Algebra, Applied Regression Analysis, Methods of Political Research, Introduction to Statistical Reference


Study Abroad Program

London School of Economics, London, UK

Data Science Program

NYC Data Science Academy, New York, NY

Machine Learning: CitiBike | Machine Learning: Ames Housing Prediction
Web Scraping: Rent the Runway | R Shiny App: Google Merch Store

Other Coursework
Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, Hive
Digital Marketing: Digital Media Formats, Programmatic Advertising, User Data Regulation



Pandas, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, NumPy


dplyr, tidyr, ggplot2, caret, Shiny

Machine Learning

MLR, GLM, Random Forest


MySQL, SQLite, BigQuery

BI Tools

Tableau (Certified Associate), Power BI, Google Analytics, KNIME, Looker

Big Data

Hive, Spark

Microsoft Office

Excel, PowerPoint, Word


A/B Testing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git

Adobe Creative Suite

InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro


Korean (Bilingual)



Projects ranging from analysis to designs

Machine Learning Project

Provided a network balancing tool for CitiBike in NYC

Machine Learning Project

Home Valuations in Ames,IA

R Shiny App Project

Analysis on Google Merchandise Online Store

Web Scraping Project

Comparing Rent the Runway and Saks Fifth Avenue's Business Models by Analyzing Products and Ratings by Categories

Web Scraping Project

Scraping Laptop specs, price, and reviews from Best Buy

Data Science for Good: Kiva Crowdfunding

Analysis of Kiva Crowdfunding

Thesis | Sentiment Analysis

Evaluating Rio Olympics' Legacy of Urban Regeneration | Text and Sentiment Analysis on TripAdvisor Reviews

"Untitled" (2017)

Inspired by Barbara Kruger’s "Untitled" (2003), I produced a series of archival pigment prints to spark dialogues about identity, belief, and projection

Tableau Visualization Project

Visualizing COVID-19 Cases using Tableau

Rebranding PixelnColor

Conducted market research and competitive analysis on the global digital printing market for the company rebranding

Motion Graphic & Animation Design

Produced motion graphic and logo animation for the ink technology company, PixelnColor

PixelnColor Website Analytics

Web Analytics Project

Consulate General of Hungary, New York

Documented a recital exhibition and a yearlong production process of two artists. Produced a short documentary.

Almine Rech Gallery, New York

Documented exhibition openings at a contemporary art gallery in Upper East Side


Independent photographer to provide stock photography through Shutterstock Contributor Hub



Read about how I solve problems and deliver insights.

Predicting the Rebalancing Needs for CitiBike in NYC

12.20.2020 Daniel Choy

Utilized K-Means clustering and random forest classification to provide a network balancing tool for CitiBike in NYC.

Investment strategies for potential investors and homeowners

11.30.2020 Daniel Choy

Performed analysis on Ames housing market and trained multiple regression models.

Analysis of Google Merchandise Online Store

10.26.2020 Daniel Choy

Created a Shiny app using R to conduct a funnel analysis on Google Merchandise Online Store by querying data from BigQuery.


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